Amsterdam’s red light district – De Wallen

De Wallen Amsterdam

If this is your first time in the Netherlands, we honestly have no idea what took you so long. Amsterdam is the top destination for any stag party or lonely hunter for adult entertainment. In the recent years, the city has been trying to get crack down on its most potent adult attractions but there are still plenty of places to party hard. Get ready for a night life to blow your mind and bring along your buddy to help you remember what you did the morning after.

First things first – Amsterdam’s infamous red-light district. Cruising the area is a must-do for any first-timer. You can do it on your own (from Central Station head towards Nieuwenmarkt) or you can take a guided tour specifically designed to walk you through the area comfortably, to give you some history and answer your pressing questions. In the guided tours, you will probably see other groups of couples, students and tourists interested in the ins and outs of the hottest spot in Europe for adult fun. Walking on your own is safe and acceptable but may spare you a lot of the fascinating history of sex and prostitution in the red-light district.

Click here and check Amsterdam’s Red Light District Walking Tour.

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