Kabukicho – Tokyo’s red light district and entertainment area

Kabukicho is an entertainment neighborhood in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is famous as a red light district area. Here you will find many hotels, shops, restaurants and night bars. Often Kabukicho is called the Sleepless Town. The name of the area comes from the late 1940s. After the end of the war, Kabuki theater is planned to be build and the city to change its name to Kabukicho . As a result the theater has never been built due to financial problems. However, its name remained.

The area has many cinemas and is located close to Shinjuku Station and Seibu Shinjuku Station, as well as several other major railway and metro stations.

Originally the area was a swamp and was known as Tsunohazu. Later on in 1920 a girls’ school was built there and the surroundings were turned into a residential area. But in 1945 during the bombing of Tokyo during the Second World War, the area was destroyed. Kabukicho quickly was redeveloped after the war, mainly due to the efforts of the Chinese in Japan who bought the land and developed it after it was left unused after the exposure.

Currently, Kabukichō is not a residential area, but is transformed to a world-famous red-light district with over 3000 bars, love hotels, nightclubs, hostess clubs, massage parlours, etc.

Despite it is being referred as a red light area, there are no red lights in the literal sense like in Amsterdam. However, the tourism is on the rise. And you can see many tourists from China, Korea and Europe in Kabukicho even during daytime.

Things to do in Kabukicho

The Robot Restaurant

Have you heard of the famous Robot Restaurant? If not, you will usually see a lots of robots and girls in provocative teams riding them. And that comes with very loud music. If you want us to sum up this place, it will be very fun, but it will be pure stress for your sensors due to the strong music and bright colors. This is not a place for snobs. Rather, it is specially designed to satisfy your desire to see a lots of neon lights, modern and strange Japan.

Pachiko parlors

Are you ready to play machines? When you visit Kabukicho, you will find many gaming parlors called Pachinko. Their name comes from the sound the machines make. These Pachinko machines are used for fun and gambling. And we do no encourage you to gamble!

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