Red light districts in Belgium

You probably know about Belgium’s cheeky bronze landmark – the little urinating boy Julien. Well, scratch little urinating boys and think sultry women in neon underwear working hard for their money at brothels, bars and in the streets. Belgium has a fine red-light area in almost all bigger cities and we have prepared a bit of information about the Belgian pleasure dome for you. Read below.


Prostitution is legal in Belgium which makes your midnight stroll through its red light districts laid-back and free of worries. We will start with the capital city, Brussels. There are a couple of areas in Brussels that are known for their adult entertainment.

Brussles girls red light district
A girl on display in Brussels red light district

The first one is North of Gare du Nord. Two long streets, Rue d’Aerschot and Rue de Brabant will lead you to an area with lots of bars, sex shops and window display girls waiting for their customers in tantalizing postures wearing little to no fabric. Normal prices for an intercourse or oral sex range from 25 to 50 euros.

Avenue Louise
Avenue Louise

The second area that has a reputation for its female street walkers is Avenue Louise in downtown Brussels. However, foreigners are often warned to use caution when walking in the area at night, as it tends to be less safe and clean-looking for tourists than the area around Gare du Nord.

If you are bi or gay there are plenty of gay bars and clubs, most famous of which are Madame Moustache and Chez Maman. Many of the gay clubs are found along street Rue du Marché au Charbon.


Our next stop is the port of Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city. Prostitution is legal on three streets only – Verversrui, Vingerlingstraat and Schippersstraat. The area, also known as the Sailor’s Quarter, is kept safe by constant and very low-profile police patrolling. Antwerp is free from tourist crowds, the red light district is newly renovated and has the feel of an ancient port, and some even say that girls here seem to be much more exciting and pretty.

Antwerp red light area

Villa Tinto – House of pleasure

In the center of the bohemian area, between Verversrui and Schippersstraat, Villa Tinto welcomes you. Villa Tinto used to be an industrial building living a second life as a luxurious bordello designed by successful Flemish interior designers. With approximately one hundred girls who work there in shifts seven days a week, it is the largest and most famous brothel in Antwerp and in the whole Belgium. It is also known as the shopping mall for sex, as it is clean, tidy and even high-tech-looking. The red-light police patrol has its headquarters in Villa Tinto and the rules for trouble-free sexual tourism are strictly observed. Above Villa Tinto, there is a doctor’s office and bed-and-breakfast options.

villa Tinto
Villa Tinto – House of pleasure

Triangle de Charleroi

If you are headed to Charleroi you should know that it is a burgeoning hot spot for prostitution that previously only locals were made privy to. There is a spot in the city known for its bars with girls that offer paid sex. The area is called “Triangle de Charleroi”. It is the junction between rue du Moulin, rue de Marchienne, rue Arthur Pater, rue de la Fenderie and place Rucloux. The red-and-blue neon signs will let you know that you are at the right spot.

Triangle de Charleroi
Triangle de Charleroi


Ghent is another haven for paid sex with a great atmosphere, a small number of windows and not too much of a crowd of competing onlookers. Locals in Ghent have managed to get the girls to be decently dressed rather than undressed, as indecent exposure has bothered citizens enough to press action. The recently renovated arched alley where most of the girls’ windows are is located along GlaazenStraatje. Some of the oldest bordellos in Ghent can be found there – L’Orchidee, Mignon and Au Plaish. Prices range from 25 to 200 euros.


In Liege, you will find a modest taste of the red-light district business. Most of the fun is concentrated around Rue du Champion and Rue de l’Agneau on the western banks of the River Meuse. There you will find traditional arrangements for the services you needs and perhaps more new windows on Rue de la Glaciere and closer to the Varin Road station.

For something slightly less regulated, there are places that lie on the border of shady action – the Place Cockerill and the Rue Florimont. Participate at your own risk and make sure you stay away from the Belgian police, as lenient as they may be. Prices in Liege are much lower than in larger cities and, sure enough, variety may be limited, too.


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