Red light districts in Germany

There is nothing as exciting as having too much to choose from when it comes to legal sex options in good Old Europe. The truth is Germany is an international haven for a wide range of erotic and sexual services that can be found in the newspaper, at your fingertips or right in front of your eyes. Most German cities boast a fine red-light district to fulfill every gentleman’s desires for a variety of prices.

It has been more than 12 years that prostitution is legal in Germany in an attempt to move prostitutes and their clients out of the shabby, derelict urban areas . Low-key police presence helps keep the designated zones free from minors, drugs, weapons and unsolicited advice from pimps. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no illegal brothels or women forced into prostitution. But before plunging into the world of carnal pleasures, it is a good idea to know how to find the legal places and keep your experience on the safe side.

The venues where you can meet girls and pay for fun vary in quality and price. Generally, prices in the southern part of the country are twice as high as in the rest of Germany. Munich seems to be on the upper end with 100 euros for half an hour and Frankfurt has the reputation of offering great bargains, such as 20 euros for a combination of oral sex and intercourse.

Even the smallest German towns normally have sex bars and night clubs. Big cities, however, have brothels, swinger clubs, massage parlors, eros centers, sauna clubs, domina studios, escort services and private houses where you go on a walk-in basis.

Sex venue in Germany

Berlin – sauna clubs, erotic theaters, erotic museum

In the capital, Berlin, there are several hundred registered brothels of all shapes and sizes with lots of tricks to spice up the offers. One uber popular nude sauna club is Artemis where you pay a daily entrance fee of 80 euros and enjoy a variety of services. You can either use the Turkish bath, the sauna or the solarium, or go straight to the erotic cinema, the tantalizing parties and theme nights. There are also love suites where you pay an additional fee of 60 euros to be pampered by a staff lady with a 30-minute fellatio and intercourse session. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and so are the girls in the strip clubs and the streets – if you’re into exotica and street walking, check out these areas: Kurfüstenstraße, Frobenstraße, Bülowstraße, Einemstraße and Bülowstraße. Also, you can actually book girls while you’re sitting on the couch in your hotel room and browsing through female profiles. A Berlin-based company recently launched Peppr. Peppr is the first mobile app for booking sex entertainment on your phone in a sleek and lazy way in exchange for a small registration fee.

An erotic club in Berlin
An erotic club in Berlin

If you are an erotic art fan go visit Beate Uhse, the world’s largest erotic museum. It is located in the Charlottenburg district in Berlin. The museum exhibition features historic Asian and European erotic art, as well as early pornographic films.

Beate Uhse erotic museum

Cologne has the largest brothel in Europe: The Pascha

Cologne, too, has something exceptional to offer. The Pascha is the largest brothel in Europe located in an imposing 12-storey building with more than 120 prostitutes who rent apartments and serve a total of 1000 customers a day. In the building, there are several bars, some of them include table-dancing, and a floor for transsexual prostitutes. The girls work independently and keep all the money, so it’s up to you to walk down the hallways and negotiate yourself a deal with those who are hanging out outside of their rooms.

Pascha - the largest brothel in Europe
Pascha club is the largest brothel in Europe

Hamburg’s buzzing night life

If you find yourself in Hamburg, prepare for a good time – the city has a buzzing nightlife with lots of brothels and sex shops to choose from, even a sex museum, all located on Reeperbahn Street in the St. Pauli area. Within the set working hours for their profession, you will see prostitutes chatting up customers in the street and also behind windows. It is legal to bargain and hang out if you’re not a minor and that’s not a gun in your pocket.

St. Pauli, Hamburg

The city abounds with erotic massage parlors and strip clubs. There is one thing to keep in mind about strip clubs – sometimes an offer that sounds too good to be true may be a costly trick. Be careful about ordering drinks for the girls if you’re not prepared to pay for their time as well. Also, sharing with the bar tender that you are enjoying the place may end up in unexpected champagne popping and a total of 500 euros.

Reeperbahn, Hamburg during the day
Reeperbahn, Hamburg during the day


Hannover has a well-established sex industry right in the city center called Steintor. Street prostitutes range from amateurs to pros and fetish freaks. There are brothels that offer a half-hour service from 30 to 50 euros but anything outside oral sex and intercourse (with protection) costs a little extra. Strip clubs, massage parlors and escort services are accessible on the pages of BILD magazine at the local newspaper stand.

Sex theater in Germany
Sex theater in Germany


Munich is just a little different from the rest of Germany, as it has no clearly defined red-light district. Although street prostitution is banned within the limits of the city, there are many brothels offering predominantly Eastern-European hookers. Kinky Lifestyle  is a popular swinger club with theme nights, such as burlesque, BDSM and gang banging shows. Thai massage parlors offer great one-hour rubs for an average of 100-200 euros.


Stuttgart is the place to go for cheap and mid-range variety. The largest brothel is called 3 Farben Haus and has 6 floors with more than 50 girls working there. If you walk a few minutes in the direction of Leonhardstrasse, you will hit the heart of the local red-light district with lots of bars and street prostitutes vying for your attention. Winks is a top favorite strip club where you get to see it all in a private dance and a stage show.


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