The biggest red light district in Jakarta destroyed

In the beginning of 2016 the authorities in the Indonesian capital Jakarta demolished the largest red light district in the midst of government-sponsored prostitution measures. Under the watchful eyes of armed security forces, bulldozers crushed the scandalous buildings in Kalijodo, a slum area known for decades as a nest of prostitution.

According to the Jakarta’s governor, Basuki Purnama, the area had be cleansed not because of the prostitution, but because the buildings were illegal. And according to the town plan it was intended for a green area. There the administration intends to build parks and sports facilities. The construction would have already begun.

The ministry of social policy has announced that the government plans to close the remaining 100 neighborhoods with brothels by 2019. Since the beginning of the campaign, 68 areas have already been destroyed in 2013. According to Indonesian law, prostitutes are considered victims, and pimps and owners of public homes are subject to imprisonment for up to 1.5 years.

Despite the fears of sharp clashes with locals and merchants, the demolition became fact without resistance as most of the residents had already left.


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